IP Camera Dashboard



Remotely monitor and control cameras in your house or your office from anywhere! Keep an eye on your children, your goods and your business with this easy to use app.

Right now, only MJPEG cameras are supported, but more will be added soon (MPEG-4, H264).

Main features are :

  • Unlimited number of cameras
  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom control (PTZ)
  • digital zoom (pinch to zoom) also for cameras without an optical zoom
  • Move your camera by just clicking on the image over 8 directions
  • Save photos of the current camera
  • Patrol operation (horizontal, vertical)
  • Brightness, contrast control
  • Hi or low resolution to save bandwidth
  • Scrollable Dashboard view, to keep an eye on all your cameras
  • Ability to choose the cameras shown in the Dashboard



This app is still under development, if you find your camera is not compatible, or some features and missing/not working, just send an email with manufacturer/model and I'll do my best to add/fix it.

Right now, many cameras from the following manufacturers are compatible:


  • 7Links
  • Airlink
  • Apexis
  • Axis
  • D-Link
  • Digicom
  • Edimax
  • Foscam
  • Instar
  • Linksys
  • Loftek
  • Mobotix
  • Ovislink
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Tenvis
  • TrendNet
  • Vivotek
  • Wanscam
  • X10
  • Zmodo