Android Audio Profile



Easy and non-invasive manager to create custom profiles, specifying ringtone sound, all volumes, vibration settings, WiFi and Bluetooth state, profile icon and auto-switch timetable.

  • Managed volumes: Incoming call, notifications, alarm, system, music
  • Widget for fast manual switch (long press on home to add)
  • Time based auto switching
  • High-res icons
  • Ringtone selection with audio preview
  • Messages in notification bar.
  • Languages: English (default), Italian, French, Spanish


Download the full version from AppBrain, or get the free version for a preview!

After installation, you have only one Default profile, which can be modified or deleted like any other profile. Press the New Profile button to start creating a new profile, customize icon, audio levels, vibration settings, ringtone for incoming calls, WiFi state and activation timetable.

In the profile list view you can long click on a profile to open a context menu with these options:

  1. Make Default - Default profile is activated when, in auto-switch mode, a valid profile for current day/time cannot be found
  2. Edit - same action as click, you go in the detail page to modify the profile
  3. Delete - Delete the selected profile, this can not be undone.
  4. Activate - Activate manually the selected profile. Manual activation, from this menu or from the widget, disables the auto-switch function.


How Auto-Switch function works

When you create a profile, you can specify the timetable this profile should be activated automatically, defining start time, end time as well as the days it is valid. When the start time is reached, the profile is activated and the settings specified are applied.
The profile will be active until the end time, or until another profile start time if it happens to occur before. This way you don't have to manage crossing profiles, the application will activate the best one based on day/time.

I.E. We have these profiles

  • Default
  • Profile 1: start at 08:00 AM - end at 10:00 PM
  • Profile 2: start at 06:00 PM - end at 08:00 PM
  • Profile 3: start at 11:00 PM - end at 06:00 AM


What happens here is:

  • 08:00 AM Profile 1 is activated
  • 06:00 PM Profile 2 is activated
  • 08:00 PM Profile 1 is activated again
  • 10:00 PM Default profile is activated, since no profile is  matching this time
  • 11:00 PM Profile 3 is activated
  • 06:00 AM Default profile is activated, since no profile is  matching this time
  • 08:00 AM Profile 1 is activated


Please report any issue to

Compatible with Android 1.6+ (API level 4)

Free version allows up to three profiles and doesn't have auto-switch feauture.


  • Version 1.20 - Added Bluetooth management and Alarm volume control
  • Version 1.12 - Added french and spanish translation
  • Version 1.11 - App icon changed and profile icons optimized
  • Version 1.0 - Released


The Widget


Click on the widget to open the list of profiles


The settings page, here you can create, edit and delete profiles


Profile details page, first part


Profile details page, second part


Profile icon selection


Ringtone selection, press the icon to play the ringtone or the title to select it