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JavAjax 1.3.3a released


New update of JavAjax Web Framework!

  • Javascript AjaxCaller object has been modified, now accepts not only onSuccess, onFailure and onComplete handlers, you can specify any handler as described on
  • Solved a bug with ActionResponse, it wasn't working properly in some situation
  • Solved a bug in JSONConverter, it wasn't handling correctly hexadecimal values in the format \uxxxx
  • Some minor modifications.



JavAjax 1.3.2a released


New update of JavAjax Web Framework! Upon your request, getResponse() method in RequestContext has been set to public again. Localizer object now makes localization still easier.


  • getResponse() method in RequestContext has been set to public visibility
  • Added Localizer object, useful to get a localized text through method getString(Locale, key, Object params...)
  • Security verification process has been optimized
  • Some minor modifications.

JavAjax 1.3.1a released


New update of JavAjax Web Framework, validation for File type parameters has been added, verifying file size and file extension.


  • Added maxFileSize, accepts and deny attributes to @Param annotation, used to validate UploadFile parameters
  • Some minor modifications.

JavAjax 1.3.0a released


New alpha version of JavAjax Web Framework, a major refactoring has been included, now configuration is easier (only one Filter is needed) and performances still better.


  • Major refactoring, now only the Filter needs to be configured in web.xml, greatly semplifying configuration. Most of the filter parameters are optional, just use what you need. Please refer to the README for a quick configuration reference.
  • Added an internationalization demo in Demo application.
  • Encoding can now be specified on JSONResponse, default is ISO-8859-1
  • Some minor modifications.



JavAjax 1.2.2a released


  • Added 2 new Jsp tags, context and action, to have a faster reference to the RequestContext and the specified action respectively.
  • Added support for action/method call chaining, with a new Response object ActionResponse
  • Some minor modifications.

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